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SNEEZE - I'm Going To Kill Myself CS (DISTRO ITEM)

Image of SNEEZE - I'm Going To Kill Myself CS (DISTRO ITEM)


Boston's Sneeze release their first full length following their debut 7" Grandma In The Trenches. A total grower, this tape will impress you more and more with every listen. For fans of fuzzed-out garage rock with the most melancholy attitude possible. 15 short rippers full of riffs and melodies that will leave you rethinking the way you write your own songs.

Self-released by the band and limited to 100 units, these beautifully packaged cassettes include an 11x17 poster and 1 of 4 weirdo stickers. Recorded by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios (as are most awesome things coming out of MA) and mastered at New Alliance, this thing sounds huge! These fuzzed out guitars feel like someones grinding a washboard across your temporal lobe. You better grab one from us or the band ( before it's too late.

We have three left.

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